How crazy can a week get? It starts with buttered toast in coffee. Yes, we aren't kidding, and neither is Cognoscenti coffee. It's a note on their BENTI NENKA ETHIOPIA coffee bag, and we it's one of the craziest we've seen to date! But how does it taste?? 

We also experience some CRAZY in our personal lives. Myles is literally down for the next 8-12 weeks, and Jason gets hit with a surprise "bullet". Again - C.R.A.Z.Y.!!

And speaking of "crazy", we talk about COFFEE GRINDERS - why you should own a burr grinder, and why you should avoid a blade grinder. It will change your coffee life!

Plus, we each took our boys on a dad-and-son(s) camping trip. Myles and his boys slept with the rattlesnakes. Jason's son discovers his "adventure switch" and finds himself facing a "Free Solo" moment. Everyone survived, but it sure was close! 

Get all the deets and join us for some toasty coffee and some extra crazy chats!

Cognoscenti Coffee
Notes of lemonime, Kukicha, Loquats and TOASTED BUTTERED BREAD

Kickapoo Coffee
Ethiopian Works
Notes of strawberry shortcake

OUR THOUGHTS: Butter... good. Toast...good. Buttered toast in coffee. GOOD!

And strawberry shortcake notes in Ethiopian coffee is like a nice dessert.

Leo Carillo Park (Jason's trip- north of Malibu, CA)
Big Bear (Myles's trip)

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