When a French professional basketball player becomes a pastry chef, two things could happen. In this case, it's a slam dunk. LAURENT CORREA (aka Lou the French on the block), is back on the show. Since our last visit, his business has skyrocketed, and he's become a Los Angeles favorite. His pastries are out of this world amazing (just try his famous Almond Croissant)! He tells us how he and his wife Karima rose to the top with no marketing, and he even shares his genius pastry secret with us!

And his coffee is as "super French" as he is! He believes that coffee should be "coffee" and shouldn't be too fancy; although he's up for trying some Ethiopian coffee (which is usually as fruity as it comes!). We tell him what we think about his freshly dark roasted coffee (he's nearly 7 foot tall, so we're careful about it!).

Plus, we take a moment to talk about our week with the kids. All of Myles' boys are in Mary Poppins, and the play seems to keep following him around. Jason's boy decides to go "full kid" at age 9, and it's the coolest thing ever.

Join us s'il vous plait for some super French coffee, pastries and conversation!

4007 W Riverside Drive, Burbank


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