Imagine a world without coffee. OK, now breathe! It's our worst nightmare, right?! But it's also a real possibility. NOLAN PEARSON from Unity Sourcing & Roasting is on the show to tell us how they're helping to keep some of the world's best tasting coffee in your cup. It's what Unity calls a "Fresh Approach" to coffee and it's awesome!

Nolan also gives us tips on how to find and pick the best coffees. When you're staring down an aisle of coffee options, which will make you the happiest? He's got some great insight.

Plus we take another crack at the Crazy Shift - discussing and solving the things that drive us crazy! Jason has an issue with remembering important things and we try to resolve it. Myles feels like a butler to his dog and looks for a better alternative.

Join us as we solve the world's problems while enjoying some amazing coffee!

Unity Sourcing & Roasting
Punta del Cerro (GUATEMALA)
Super smooth and chocolatey

OUR THOUGHTS: GIVE US MORE! We love it. A perfect morning cup.


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