Coffee can taste even better when you know what you're drinking. That's why we're answering your coffee questions (and one about our dogs too!)

Is milk in coffee good or bad? The real difference between dark and light roasts. Which do we recommend - blends or single origin coffees? And why you should never ever ever never brew old coffee. Trust us, we don't hold back on our answers!

Plus while we enjoy some great and even BAD coffee (thanks Myles!), we discuss how our weeks have been full of entertaining adventures. Myles' son goes to the doctor and needs the entire medical wing to hold him down! Jason's son's science project takes roller coaster to a new level!

We drink coffee and answering our Listener Mail! Join us for a cup or two - that cup of coffee will taste even better.

Forge Coffee Roasters
Peru Estrella Divina
Single origin - notes of sweet peach, creamy caramel, honey and cinnamon.

OUR THOUGHTS: Full of delicious flavor. Super smooth and perfect for anytime of the day!


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