We're taking this pandemic seriously. Coffee can help you get through it, and we've got the info you need to help with that: how to get your favorite coffee while at home, what you can expect from your favorite coffee shops, and what they're doing do keep you safe. We also give you tips on how to easily and safely make the best coffee at home.

Plus we share what we're doing with our kids during this semi-quarantine (hint: we're still figuring it out!). 

We're practicing social distancing as we record this podcast via the interweb. It's a first for us but we're making it work! We're all in this together and you can still enjoy your coffee. So grab a cub and join us.


PT's Coffee Roasting Company - Tulise Beyen Dore (Ethiopian) - Jason says it's so fruity and strong - a perfect morning cup.

Peet's Major Dickason's Blend - Myles likes this robust coffee. It's perfect with milk and will get you going!

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