What if we told you that it's simple to make your home brewed coffee taste just as good or better than your favorite coffee shop? It's true! We chat with Tara and Ori, two coffee specialists from Equator Coffee, who tell us how easy it is to do it. They give us a step by step guide to making coffee-shop coffee at home, AND how to make sure you pick a great coffee shop when you venture out. It's an episode all about great coffee and impressing your family, your friends and yourself with your home brew!

SHOW NOTES (with time markers)

INTRODUCTION – Jason and Myles explain how Joanna, the owner of the Palm Coffee Bar in Burbank, told us how we can make coffee-shop coffee at home, and how to make sure you get great coffee at a coffee shop. So we connected with Equator Coffee & Teas to share this great info with YOU!

1:20 -  Meet Tara Samuelson and Ori Tuler – Equator Coffee Specialists. They share how they found for passion for coffee, their experience and how much they love working at Equator. They also mention how they can find themselves behind the counter when they visit a coffee shop!

7:05 – Tara and Ori explain what makes Equator standout from the crowd of coffee bean roasters, and how they bring amazing coffee to your cup. How many people can say they can call their CEO anytime of day and they’ll pick up the phone and talk your ear off!

10:25 – The difference between SINGLE ORIGIN coffees and BLENDS and which you should choose and why.

12:22 – Why and how coffee shops that serve the same beans can taste completely different.

14:00 – The difference between GOOD coffee and NOT-SO-GOOD coffee! Arabica vs Robusta beans and how not all “Arabica coffees” are the same.

15:12 – The difference between coffee shops in general and the difference between their coffee drinks. How espressos are the heart of almost every coffee drink and how important it is to know how to make it proplery.

17:13 –How coffee shops are starting to go back to “batch brewers” (drip coffee) because of newer technology. Drip coffee can be even better than pour overs if done properly!

19:05 – You can amazing coffee without the fancy tools! They tell us how everyone is going back to basics and making better coffee. And how your drip coffee maker can be the perfect tool. And Ori tells us what she does to get a little crazy with coffee!

22:11 – How to pick a great coffee shop so that you know you get a great cup of coffee. And they give us TWO telltale signs that can help you know if it’s a good coffee shop when you walk in (you’ll never watch a “Friends” episode the same again!).

27:16 – What Latte Art can tell you about the taste of your coffee. Hint, it’s not what you think!

28:40  - What to look for in an Espresso to determine if it’s good.

29:24 – Tara and Ori tell us what they order to determine if a coffee shop serves great coffee.

31:48 – The definition of a “Specialty Coffee Shop”. BTW, there is no definition of a “specialty coffee shop”, but they tell us what to look for to determine you found one!

32:34 – What defines “Specialty COFFEE”? BTW, there IS a definition for this one!

33:52 – What beans you should choose to brew coffee at home – single origin, blends, flavors and more. And Tara and Ori tell us what they drink at home!

36:55 – The K-Cup Pods (Keurig, Nescafe, etc.) VS brewing coffee – can you get the same quality coffee from a K-Cup pods?

38:15 – The NEW Instant Coffee – how it compares to brewing coffee. The answer will surprise you (it surprised us!)

42:00 – What most people do WRONG when they brew coffee at home.

43:34 – How and where you should get your beans ground. And how to store your coffee (and it’s NOT in the refrigerator!)

45:15 – What to look for when you buy your coffee beans. And did you know that roasted coffee, is still a “living thing”?!

46:10 – How to grind your beans properly for the brewing method you are using. One size does NOT fit all! And how the grind-to-water ratio is vital to amazing coffee

47:20 – STEP BY STEP instructions of how to make amazing coffee at home. It only takes 4 to 5 minutes!  (no espresso machine required)

  • Water is vital – coffee is 98-99% water! But don’t give up if you don’t have perfect water!
  • How to heat the water properly for a pour over. (BTW, you DON’T need a thermometer).
  • How much coffee grounds do you need? The grind-to-water ratio defined.
  • Grinding the beans at home or getting the grind from the store (or coffee shop) and what’s the best grind type for your method of making coffee. AND what type of grinder you should use to grind your beans!
  • Filters  - one size does not fit all. It is a vital component to great coffee.
  • Cleaning your filter – yes, it makes a difference!
  • Pouring the water over your grounds (or if you have a drip brewer, turn it on!). But look for the “bloom” in your grind.
  • From Chemex to drip; choosing the best coffee brewer that’s best for you!

1:00:00 – How to get a free written step by step guide from Equator for many brewing methods.

1:00:40 – Final thoughts on brewing amazing coffee at home, and you DON’T need every single tool or a lot of time! It just takes knowledge.

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Thanks to Equator Coffee & Teas and The Palm Coffee Bar in Burbank, CA.

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