Myles was on a family vacation in Armenia for a few weeks but has finally returned! Our short hiatus is over, and now we're back to our regularly scheduled podcasts!

He took some time on his trip to be our "Coffee Café roaming reporter", to investigate how coffee is different in Armenia. What did he discover? Well, remember all those coffee machines we used to have here in the States? You know, the one where the coffee cup popped out, then it would fill with "coffee"? Well, we now know where they all went! But don't worry, there's also plenty of great coffee in Armenia, and Myles got to try A LOT of it. He shares his adventures and interesting finds with us.

Myles also tells us about the adventures with his boys. He survived the 15 hour plane ride, but apparently, in the Armenian city he was staying in, snakes are rampant! So you can imagine how that could be fun when you have three kids! Let's just say, Myles got in a little trouble. Back at home, Jason's son was at Grammy camp and discovered texting. Guess who he texted every 5 minutes!

We're drinking some tastey Brazilian coffee. As a bonus, we're also having a Colombian coffee with notes of watermelon and Jolly Rancher (the candy). Guess which we preferred! Grab a cup and join us. We promise a good cup of coffee, some laughs and coming soon,  more podcast episodes too!

Alibi Coffee Company
Brasil Capim Branco
Notes of caramel, chocolate, nuts and strawberry

Alana's Coffee Roaster
Colombia Villa Ines Tolima Caturra
Notes of watermelon and Jolly Rancher

OUR THOUGHTS: Alibi's Brazilian coffee is what you expect - chocolatey and nutty  - and what you don't expect - a dash of strawberry. TASTEY!

Alana's Colombian... who knew watermelon and jolly ranchers in coffee could taste so good! Fruity with a nice acidity. So good!



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