We're having an official Cuban Coffee battle! Since birth, Jason has been enjoying Bustelo coffee espressos - a Cuban coffee tradition in most "North Cuba" (aka Miami) homes. But in a recent trip to the store, a can of the LA based roaster's Gaviña Cuban Coffee caught his eye - they too have roots in Cuba and know what is expected from the strong and flavorful jolt of coffee.

Now, Jason is risking his fond memories and long-time devotion of his beloved Bustelo, as we compare and contrast it to the Gaviña coffee. Who will rise to the top? Which stands true to Cuban tradition? Why should YOU try either one? And will Jason regret this day ever happened? Find out in this episode!

And speaking of crazy things, we start a new segment on the show - The Crazy Shift. Join us as we talk about the shift that drives us crazy (see what we did there?), including the daily aggravating and angry internet comments, how there may be too much Star Wars (according to Myles) and sometimes, the kids can be crazy AND the answer to crazy at the same time.

Join us for the "luche de café" and some great and crazy conversation!

Bustelo Coffee Espresso (available in nearly all grocery stores)
Gaviña Coffee Espresso

OUR THOUGHTS: Both are as Cuban as they come - strong, bold and delicious!


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